KESA the Name

"Kesa" is a sacred vestment traditionally made from discarded pieces of fabric which are sewn together. The creation of something sacred from something ordinary is symbolic of our deep desire for tradition and sustainability.

Following the Tradition

Kesa Designs recycles period silk kimonos and Japanese fabrics. Silk is legendary for its luxuriousness and durability. Rare kimono cloth, art that might have been lost, is transformed into fashions that renew these remarkable robes into stunning, contemporary pieces.

We at Kesa Designs follow the Japanese tradition of resourcefulness in everyday life. New kimono cloth was a valuable product only the wealthy could afford. Ordinary Japanese citizens wore hand me downs from family, or bought used kimonos from second hand shops. Retired kimonos were used as material for all kinds of clothing and accessories, and even burned to ash for use in dyeing fabrics, or in fertilizers.

Our scarves are unique and beautiful expressions in keeping with historical reverence. With changes in Japanese cultural customs, kimonos are no longer regularly worn. The artists who spun, dyed, and wove kimono fabrics are now a part of history, but the result of their work lives on in our products. Japanese fabrics are rare, original and often one of a kind. With diminishing sources,
Kesa Designs apparel echoes rareness.


Charles Goodwin is a gifted tailor and textile artist who has cultivated an appreciation for vintage Japanese fabrics. His eye for the most exquisite fabrics, combined with a verve for style, is why Kesa Designs pieces are so striking.

Autumn palette Bamboo scarf with black accents